100 Days Challenge: Music Production

Is this going to work though?

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100 Days Challenge: Music Production

In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic I've decided to actually spend my time building a habit that I won't regret in the future. So here is the blog post as a starting point to ensure I'm not straying away from my goal. This time I want to do something I always wanted to do for a long time; music production.

To be really honest, I am fascinated by how people expressed their thought through music, and as a listener I sometimes caught in between the message they are trying to convey and how the music can affect my feelings (I'm sort of sentimental person, though). So I told myself, why don't I try the same? After all, this will be fun. I know, crafting is hard. Drawing, writing, designing, everything involving creative process take a lot of time to actually get decent at it. But here's the thing; this challenge is not for me to get better at this craft. It's just simply a starting point to build the habit. Experimentation can come later, where this is the actual process that can get me better.

So what do I do? Starting July 1st, I'll be making a song per day. Simple as that. Well to be fair I've planned this for a long time and also created few songs before but I am so inconsistent in doing that, which is why this challenge is necessary. I'll be sure to publish the song whenever I'm done with it everyday. I created a new page for listing all my songs instead of spamming blog posts everyday so it'll be much more tidy. You can find it here or simply click on the navigation up there.

For this one, I won't be using SoundCloud since they are so limited. I can only upload 300 minutes of songs which I think not enough. I'll be using hearthis.at, a website I can say an alternative to SoundCloud. They do have their limitation, though. But their limitation is perfectly acceptable for me since it's just 500MB upload per week. I won't be uploading that much in a week.

This blog don't have prebuilt embedding widget like SoundCloud, but I guess I just copy the URL and put custom embed here. The widget is kind of weird though in edit mode but it should be fine when I publish. So here is my song that I made before. Enjoy!

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